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Labour’s Rob McCann launches campaign for KCDC

Rob McCann, The Labour Party Candidate for Otaki for the last two general elections has announced he is standing for KCDC as a District Councillor.

His campaign is being launched at this year’s annual comedy debate. An event which has featured three local Mayors, the Prime Minister, Finance Minister, ACC Minister, Broadcasting Minister and Police Minister – just some of the decision makers who have delighted audiences over the last few years.

“The moot is ‘that all politics is local’ and that is the reason I got into politics,” said Mr McCann, “to make our community a better place.”

“I’ve always believed you need to live in your community to understand what makes it tick, otherwise, how do you put the interests of your community at the heart of every decision?

“I’d love the opportunity to serve this community, and to achieve that I’m standing as a KCDC Councillor.”

“KCDC plays a huge role in our lives, from infrastructure to economic growth, social sector to business. As a local local politician, I offer the ability to build better relationships with central government. We need to work with the government to attract more central government funding and support for public transport, social housing and to deliver better after-hours healthcare. We must give projects like rail electrification to Otaki a real chance and our own connections with Central Government are critical to get our share of regional investment back on track.”

“But first we have a comedy debate to win,” says Mr McCann. “And if you can’t laugh at yourself, politics can be an uphill struggle”.

So come along to the annual comedy debate at the Senior Citizens Hall this Friday at 7:30pm for a night of hilarity and an opportunity to see three local candidates; Mayor K Gurunathan, Sophie Handford and Rob McCann challenge the talent of the Beehive; Greg O’Connor, Dr Deborah Russell, Kieran McAnulty and Ruth Dyson.
Phone Beryl Bar for tickets on 021 444 540