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  • Argentine Ants – A Threat to Kapiti Island

    Argentine Ants – A Threat to Kapiti Island

    Earlier this year, concern was expressed over the outbreak of Argentine ants in Kapiti. Argentine ants are one of the most invasive ant species in the world. The species first settled in Auckland in 1990 and have been spreading across New Zealand ever since. They are a highly competitive species who will compete with kiwi […]

  • Kāpiti Marine Discovery Centre

    Kāpiti Marine Discovery Centre

    A proposal has been made for a marine centre to be built on the former Raumati Pools site. Photo: AD Architecture The proposal has been made by the Guardians of Kapiti Marine Reserve Trust. The proposed site, which is currently being used to store books, is the perfect location for the marine centre due to […]

  • Complaints over Damage caused by Faulty Reseal on Kapiti Roads

    A faulty resealing job on four Kapiti Coast roads has caused damage to the vehicles of many motorists in Kapiti. Exposed tar and bits of loose stone have caused damaged windscreens and paintwork on people’s vehicles.  But it’s not just automobiles that have born the damage. The carpet in one Paraparaumu man’s garage is completely […]

  • Residents’ Proposal for Wind Turbines in Paekākāriki

    Residents’ Proposal for Wind Turbines in Paekākāriki

    Following four years of researching and monitoring the wind, a group of residents in Paekākāriki have been looking into installing wind turbines. The plan is for three 900 kilowatt wind turbines to be built on land above the Transmission Gully route. The project is being led by Williams and Graham Coe. The proposed wind turbines […]

  • Thousands of Play Balls in Waikanae River

    Thousands of Play Balls in Waikanae River

    On Saturday, thousands of plastic play balls were found in the Waikanae River. The report first surfaced on Facebook when a local posted photos of the mess. UPDATE: The source of the balls has been found: “I found the source of the balls, I parked in the car park next to the dricon yard in the […]

  • The Mystery Fish – Unidentified Species in Kapiti

    The Mystery Fish – Unidentified Species in Kapiti

    An unidentified fish (aka The Mystery Fish) has been found at the Kapiti Marine Reserve. Diver Ben Knight, who is also the chairman of the Guardians of the Kapiti Marine Reserve, found the mystery fish whilst off the coast of Kapiti in January. “I was out for a snorkel in the marine reserve and spotted […]

  • Kapiti Flooding and Sea Damage

    Kapiti Flooding and Sea Damage

    Gita might have passed but the bad weather continues, last night 6 people were evacuated from their homes and fire crews have been out since 2.30am this morning responding to 12 calls regarding flooding. Most of these came from the Paraparaumu Beach area. [ad] Looking North from Raumati Beach – Photo: Murray Short The six homes (in […]

  • Reopening SH1 Paekakariki to Pukerua Bay

    Reopening SH1 Paekakariki to Pukerua Bay

    Update: The road has been reopen and there is a 50kph speed limit for northbound traffic. The New Zealand Transport Agency has announced that state highway 1 between Paekakariki and Pukerua Bay will be reopened to traffic in both directions from 5 am tomorrow morning. [ad] Photo taken of damage to the sea wall from […]

  • Kapiti Gita Damage Report

    Kapiti Gita Damage Report

    Flights in and out of Wellington were grounded,  power poles came crashing to the ground and electricity was out for almost 100 homes – all before the worst of ex-Cyclone Gita’s weather even made it to the capital. Got any photos or information? Email: [email protected] [ad] The storm has passed us and is now moving […]