Complaints over Damage caused by Faulty Reseal on Kapiti Roads

A faulty resealing job on four Kapiti Coast roads has caused damage to the vehicles of many motorists in Kapiti. Exposed tar and bits of loose stone have caused damaged windscreens and paintwork on people’s vehicles. 

But it’s not just automobiles that have born the damage. The carpet in one Paraparaumu man’s garage is completely ruined from exposed tar on these roads. The roads were also potentially dangerous to drive on.


26 complaints were made to the council by unhappy Kapiti residents by midday Monday. No doubt more have been made directly to Downer, who have been blamed for the incident.

According to a Kapiti Coast District Council spokesperson, the bad sealing job was due to the weather, as resealing work is sensitive to temperature changes and general weather conditions.

The council issued an online apology on Saturday, and a number more residents claimed to have been affected by the issue.

A few residents have requested that the damage done to their cars, etc be cleaned up.

Repairs should be completed by mid-week if the weather is okay to do so.



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