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  • 5 fun things to do with friends and family in Kapiti

    5 fun things to do with friends and family in Kapiti



    Here are 5 fun things to do with your Friends and Family in Kapiti.  1. Go to the Beach! There’s never a better place to kick back and relax than the beach. There are a number of beautiful beaches along the Kapiti Coast, we have some of the nicest beaches in New Zealand. Each beach comes…

  • Upgrading Mackays Crossing

    Upgrading Mackays Crossing

    Upgrades on Mackays Crossing on State Highway 1 began on the 10th of June and will be continuing for around 8 weeks. During this time, traffic will be managed in a contraflow layout. This means that traffic coming from both directions will be sharing one side of the road whilst the other side is having…

  • Kapiti College Presents: Grease!

    Kapiti College Presents: Grease!

    Grease is the word… Written by Renee Redstall and Ciara Gibson Tell me about it stud… The students of Kapiti College are performing the musical Grease for four nights starting next Wednesday at 7 pm. Tickets are available from the Kapiti College finance office now, $5 for students and over 65s and $10 for adults.…

  • Youth Development Centre – Opening Soon

    Youth Development Centre – Opening Soon



    Excitement continues to build as construction of the Zeal Youth Development Centre nears the finish line. Zeal is a not for profit organisation dedicated to positively impacting young people throughout New Zealand. They provide youth with a number of opportunities to grow and explore their creativity, through after-school hangouts, events, creative programmes, workshops etc. [ad] For…

  • Stand Look to Reinstate Otaki Children’s Health Camp

    Stand Look to Reinstate Otaki Children’s Health Camp



    Earlier this year, it was found that the Otaki Children’s Health Camp was at risk of closing down due to a lack of funding. The camp hadn’t seen an increase in Government funding since 2009 and was unlikely to see one in the near future. [ad] Tracey Martin, Minister for Children has previously stated that…

  • Kapiti Family Express

    Kapiti Family Express

    Come along and take a ride on a real heritage steam train! On Sunday the 10th of June, steam train rides will be operating between Paraparaumu and Paekakariki. The trip takes about 45 minutes and is family friendly – what a fun activity to spend your Sunday! [ad] Two coal-fired steam locomotives will be used…

  • Kapiti Hockey Quiz Night

    Kapiti Hockey Quiz Night



    Kapiti Hockey club will be hosting its Kapiti Hockey Quiz Night on Saturday the 9th of June, from 7 – 9.30 pm. The quiz will be held at Kapiti College, Raumati. It is expected to be a really fun night filled with trivial banter, drinks, great prizes and an overall fun time. The quiz teams…

  • Kapiti Girls Take Barbershop Win

    Kapiti Girls Take Barbershop Win

    Barbershop regionals were held on Thursday the 24th of May at Te Rauparaha Arena in Porirua. Groups from a number of different schools competed against each other for a placing. The best acts would be selected to go through to Nationals, held in Tauranga. [ad] Kapiti College Girls’ chorus KC Decibelles placed first in their…

  • Zeal Musician’s Lounge – Showcasing Our Talented Youth

    Zeal Musician’s Lounge – Showcasing Our Talented Youth

    The fourth round of Zeal’s Musician’s Lounge took place in the Kapiti community center last thursday. Musician’s Lounge is an event where youth can come together as a community and share their music with one another in a warm and encouraging environment.  The night provides youth in Kapiti the opportunity to showcase their talent and…

  • Argentine Ants – A Threat to Kapiti Island

    Argentine Ants – A Threat to Kapiti Island

    Earlier this year, concern was expressed over the outbreak of Argentine ants in Kapiti. Argentine ants are one of the most invasive ant species in the world. The species first settled in Auckland in 1990 and have been spreading across New Zealand ever since. They are a highly competitive species who will compete with kiwi…

  • KCU sides win big in cup matches

    KCU sides win big in cup matches

    Kapiti Coast United have done well in their matches this weekend, with both the men’s and women’s teams scoring double digits and keeping clean sheets. The men’s’ team, playing on Saturday, took a massive win against Martinborough, winning 15-0 at Weka Park. The Chatham Cup match was expected to be an easy win for the…

  • Shared Pathway to be Built in Otaki

    Shared Pathway to be Built in Otaki

    Funding has been confirmed by the New Zealand Transport Agency for a shared pathway, running along the Peka Peka to Otaki Expressway to be built. The pathway will connect to the MacKays to Peka Peka section on the Kapiti expressway, creating a 30km long path altogether, which will run from Paekakariki through to Otaki. The…

  • Petrol Prices Unfair and Unlikely to Change

    In late April, an internal email from the petrol company BP was leaked, exposing the company of a plan they had to make up for decreased sales in Ōtaki. The price of fuel in Ōtaki was 20 cents higher than the price of fuel in Levin. Instead of changing the prices of petrol in Ōtaki,…

  • “Music in the Park” – Kapiti Music Festival 2018

    “Music in the Park” – Kapiti Music Festival 2018

    Kapiti New Zealand Music Month celebration 2018 will be held tomorrow, Sunday the 6th of May. The event, which will take place at Marine Gardens from 11 am till 4 pm, is family friendly and free entry. It will showcase a jazz-oriented lineup, featuring some big brass and jazz swing bands, including Kapiti Brasso, Fernando and…

  • Kāpiti Marine Discovery Centre

    Kāpiti Marine Discovery Centre

    A proposal has been made for a marine centre to be built on the former Raumati Pools site. Photo: AD Architecture The proposal has been made by the Guardians of Kapiti Marine Reserve Trust. The proposed site, which is currently being used to store books, is the perfect location for the marine centre due to…