Kapiti College Presents: Grease!

Grease is the word…

Written by Renee Redstall and Ciara Gibson

Tell me about it stud…

The students of Kapiti College are performing the musical Grease for four nights starting next Wednesday at 7 pm. Tickets are available from the Kapiti College finance office now, $5 for students and over 65s and $10 for adults. The event will take place between the 20th and 23rd of June at 7 pm in the Kapiti College hall.

More than 75 Kapiti College students have been working on the production Grease for months now. Dancers, singers and actors are all getting involved to put on this fabulous show, it will be a highlight of the year.

We talked to cast members Helena Bowater (Frenchie) and Sophie Weir (Sandy), who told us what we should be expecting from this production.

“You should expect lots of funny moments and romantic scenes,” said Sophie. 

Helena backed that up saying “Laughs and cringing and happiness.”

Kapiti College students and staff have put blood, sweat and tears into this show for the last four months. Students have spent intervals, lunches and after-school time rehearsing, a three-day camp was organised to ensure that everything was perfected.

A strength of this production is that it is student led and managed, from performance through to backstage and technical support and promotion.  Talented Year 13 students have choreographed dances, media studies students have been responsible for promotion and tech support, lighting and sound has been planned and managed by Year 11 students.

Teachers have been supporting the students in producing the show. Textiles and Fashion teacher, Amy Macaskill, designed and created some of the costumes used in the show and drama teachers Siobhan Malley and Rachel Clarke have directed rehearsals. Dance teacher Rachel Lee helped the students choreograph the dances.

Everyone is welcome to come and enjoy the show-stopping songs and dances. When Kapiti College did Grease 10 years ago tickets sold out fast so get your tickets now!

Greased Lightning was performed for Raumati Beach School to hype up the kids for the show – T-Birds teaching primary kids the dance


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