Kapiti Expressway Bike Track

Upgrading Mackays Crossing

Upgrades on Mackays Crossing on State Highway 1 began on the 10th of June and will be continuing for around 8 weeks.

During this time, traffic will be managed in a contraflow layout. This means that traffic coming from both directions will be sharing one side of the road whilst the other side is having work done. There will be one lane going in each direction. This will operate 24/7 with a speed limit of 80 km/h. The system will ensure efficiency and safety for both site workers and drivers.

Maintenance will not take place during peak commute times or during the weekends in order to avoid additional visual distractions for drivers during these times.


As for cyclists, who will not be using the contraflow, there is a temporary southbound lane leading to the off and on ramps in order to avoid the work site. Cyclists heading north will use the ramps to get back onto the highway north.

The upgrades taking place include upgrading the barriers and drainage, as well as major road maintenance. These are essential for the upcoming stage of the Transmission Gully project. It should hopefully avoid the need for ongoing repairs on damaged surfaces in future.

Upgrades are first taking place on the southbound side, so southbound traffic will slow to merge sooner than before. This will then be followed by work taking place on the northbound side.

Drivers have been asked to be cautious during these changes. Please ensure that you are maintaining a constant speed when driving and that you are keeping a good distance from other vehicles.


Progress reports can be found at www.nzta.govt.nz/wellington-maintenance

For information on road conditions visit www.highwayinfo.govt.nz, check the live traffic cameras at www.nzta.govt.nz, sign up to email alerts at www.onthemove.govt.nz, visit @NZTAWgtn or listen to your local radio station while you’re on the road.



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