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Kapiti Girls Take Barbershop Win

Barbershop regionals were held on Thursday the 24th of May at Te Rauparaha Arena in Porirua. Groups from a number of different schools competed against each other for a placing. The best acts would be selected to go through to Nationals, held in Tauranga.

Kapiti College Girls’ chorus KC Decibelles placed first in their category, singing What’ll I Do and Zipadeedoodah. This was followed by Aotea College Girls’ chorus who placed second, and Tawa College Girls’ chorus who placed third. As for the boys’ chorus category, Kapiti & Pram College Boys’ Chorus placed third, after Wellington College and Tawa College in 2nd and 1st place.

Kapiti College also had placings in the quartet category, with L.A.S.S from Kapiti College coming in 2nd, singing Them There Eyes and Too Young.


Participants said the event as having a very positive and encouraging vibe, with all the different schools supporting each other. Overall it was a fun night to be enjoyed by all those participating.