An Evening Celebrating Kāpiti Songwriters

An Evening Celebrating Kapiti Songwriters

“The Local Scene is all about celebrating Kāpiti’s original music. It’s the sound of Kāpiti,” says event organizer AJ Crawshaw.

Following the first event’s success, where over 200 tickets were sold, event organizer AJ Crawshaw has organized a second installment which will take place on the 26th of May at The Social at Kāpiti Lights from 5 pm till late.

“The Local Scene is all about celebrating Kāpiti’s original music. It’s the sound of Kāpiti,” says event organiser AJ Crawshaw

“At its heart The Local Scene is about creating an opportunity for our local songwriters to get paid and be heard, for a local bar to get filled and for the local people of Kāpiti to get a great show which represents Kāpiti’s voice.” It’s a curated event featuring eight of Kāpiti’s best songwriters and their bands. Four acts are returning from last time, with four new acts to spice things up.


Tickets cost $10 and you will not regret attending this event, which celebrates music and Kapiti songwriters. A 7 hour display of live, good quality and original music will present itself as the perfect event for anybody and everybody with a love for music. This event will showcase 8 of Kāpiti’s best songwriters and their bands, including four acts from the previous show, as well as four totally new acts.

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Acts Performing


Jess Deacon

Jess Deacon is an emerging songwriter based on the Kāpiti Coast. She has a soulful voice which exudes emotion. With jazz, soul and classic singer/songwriter roots she has performed with other musicians over the years but is now embarking on her journey as a solo artist. She is a delight to listen to and will set the standard high opening The Local Scene at 5pm.


Steph Casey

Steph Casey is a singer-songwriter based on the Kāpiti Coast of New Zealand. Her sound is a mix of indie-folk/pop, americana and soul, and her debut album Whisper & Holler went straight to number four in the New Zealand Independent Music Album Charts and number eight in the New Zealand Album Charts upon release. Here is an example of one of the glowing reviews about her music: “Another great album from a New Zealand artist, joining records by Into The East and Tattletale Saints. music well worth buying.” – Michael Parks, The International Americana Music Show


AJ Crawshaw (unplugged)

AJ Crawshaw, is an Indie rock and folk songwriter. He has released two EPs to date, both to rave reviews and strong sales with a bit of indie radio airplay. This time around he will be bringing more of his acoustic flavor, stripping down to two guitars, percussion and cello. Here is a sample review: “The bright and real sound of acoustic guitars gratify each track and provide a beautiful sustenance for singer-songwriter AJ Crawshaw’s smooth and expressive singing voice, just think James Blunt meets Ed Sheeran, but with even more feeling! The clarity and emotion that AJ exudes into his singing is so rich with texture and feeling that it really amplifies the experience to another level.” – (“In Light and Shadow” Acoustic EP Released 2017)




Devon Welch

Devon Welch has established himself as a well known artist in the Kāpiti Music scene over the last few years. Devon has done a vast array of gigs including solo and band performances. He performs regularly at weddings, community events, corporate events, birthday celebrations, restaurants, cover gigs, pub and venue performances. Not stuck to one genre, Devon is always looking at ways to branch out and find new ways to perform his music. His love of NZ music; hip hop, funk and soul is evident! If you were to arrive at a gig where Dev is playing you may discover a looping setup which takes one man and a guitar and transforms it into a multi layered canvas of hits. Devon is also a songwriter and is in the throws of working on his debut EP. If you have been a fan of his covers gigs, you will love his original songs that draw on all his experiences. It’s good music to vibe out to.


Scott Bowater

Scott Bowater (Scotty) originally from Palmerston North, now lives in Raumati Beach with his wife and kids. He has played music all his life and is passionate and sometimes obsessed with evolving his music as an original artist. He has played in various bands, fronted his own band 4 Shore (album, Live at Scotty’s Place), he writes songs that people can relate to in various styles including folk, blues, funk, rock and soul. He has found his own voice and style and connects with a wide audience.


IRN Blues

Irn Blues are a fully Kāpiti-based band with an international flavour. The two songwriters Marc and Steve come from the west of Scotland, hence the name. With a mix of hard-edged blues, rock and hint of heavy metal Irn Blues appeal to the slightly heavier music market. Influences of the band members range from Lenny Kravitz to Lemmy Kilminster. This diversity is reflected in their sound. From the funkier Rescue Me to the grungy twelve bar blues of Em in Blue.



‘Swagman’ are an instrumental three piece, which grew from a musical re-connection between monster drummer Brent McFarlane, Guitarist Joe Callwood (Little Bushman/Stretchfoot), and the multi talented Gabe Davidson (Alto sax, Baritone Sax, Vibraphone, Keyboard and Percussion). The three members of Swagman last played together in the Mr. Bungle inspired group ‘Moeski’, which gained something of a cult following in the 90’s Wellington underground. The music of Swagman could best be described as ‘Tribal Jazz’, taking influences from jazz improvisation, but also from the Tuareg desert blues of North Africa, Latin American Samba and Bossa Nova rhythms, Moroccan music (etc etc!)



Grumblewood are a progressive quartet that hail from Wellington and the Kāpiti Coast. Influenced by the electric folk and progressive rock movements of the 70s, their music blends elements of baroque, jazz, and traditional folk music into a vintage rock setting. With flamboyant flute-work, creative fret-work, and complex grooves, they craft melodious tales that sound quite unlike what’s usually heard on New Zealand stages. “Saw these guys knock it out of the park last weekend. Great sound, tight performance, real fun to watch and listen to. Would be great to see them again.” – Neil Beales (Wellington Musician)




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