ONYX Kapiti Brothers

Kapiti Brothers Create New Camera Gimbal

Kapiti brothers Geoffrey and Jimmy Desborough have recently released their new camera stabilization and protection product ONYX on Kickstarter.

The ONYX is a three-axis camera gimbal that keeps a camera stable when it’s being moved. Built to be lightweight and protect the camera it can be used in dangerous environments were other camera gear cannot be used easily. It’s designed to be simple to use so filmmakers can focus on what they are capturing.

Geoffrey and Jimmy Desborough are filmmakers who love the outdoors and like to film in all environments. The lack of protective camera gear was frustrating so they decided to use there combined skills and build their own.

ONYX Kapiti Brothers

In 2015 they created their workshop in their parent’s garage and started to develop the ONYX, they have spent 3 years designing and prototyping and have just released in on Kickstarter.

ONYX Kapiti Brothers

The ONYX is designed for filmmakers who film in dangerous environments. It makes filming action shots a lot safer. If you’re interested in their product or want to back them you can view their Kickstarter Campaign.  




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