Zeal Musician’s Lounge – Showcasing Our Talented Youth

The fourth round of Zeal’s Musician’s Lounge took place in the Kapiti community center last thursday.

Musician’s Lounge is an event where youth can come together as a community and share their music with one another in a warm and encouraging environment.  The night provides youth in Kapiti the opportunity to showcase their talent and come together as a community.


Youth volunteers at Zeal helped to set up for the night, and there were a number of acts performing, including those who performed in an open mic session, where anyone was allowed to go and give performing a shot.

Zeal Setting Up


Zeal is a not for profit organization dedicated to positively impacting young people throughout New Zealand. They provide youth with a number of opportunities to grow and explore their creativity, through after-school hangouts, events, creative programmes, and workshops etc.



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