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Councillor David Scott Found guilty of indecent assault

David Scott, a Kapiti Coast District Councillor has been found guilty of indecent assault.

David Scott has been on trial in the Wellington District Court. He was accused of rubbing his genitals against a staff member during a council morning tea in the Paraparaumu offices.

The jury deliberated for 3 hours before coming to the conclusion that David was guilty.

He agreed that he had moved past her during the morning tea, but that it was not accompanied by any criminal intention.

Defence lawyer, Mike Antunovic said it was “utter nonsense” to suggest that after 71 years of crime-free living he would choose a council morning tea as the place to begin offending.

Scott said outside court that his family would be devastated by the verdict.

“I haven’t had any sleep for a year and two months.”

He said he was not sure how the verdict would impact his role as a councillor. He said he hoped to be at Kapiti Coast District Council tomorrow.

 “Now whether she felt his penis or whether she felt something else, I suggest doesn’t actually matter because his actions in grabbing her, holding her and thrusting himself into her were what made it indecent,” said lawyer Kate Feltham

Councillor David Scotts GP was also asked to measure the length of the then accused penis.

The complainant said that the object was four or five inches long. The judge allowed the defendant’s doctor to examine him to compare how it went up against what the complainant said she felt.

The measurement has been suppressed. His wallet was also measured.

The community is currently raising questions regarding the possibility of a by-election.