5 Tips To Stay Warm This Winter

The cost to heat our homes over winter makes up a major portion of our power bill every year. Here are a few easy tips to keep your home warm without getting a massive power bill.

1. Curtains

Open all your curtains to let in all the free heat from the sun. Remember shut them before it starts to get cold to keep your home warm.


2. Only heat rooms you use

If you have a heat pump or fireplace you don’t want to be heating the room you’re not using. By closing doors to toilets, bathrooms and other not regularly used room you can keep only the parts you use warm.



3. Invest in insulation

Most of the heat lost from your home is through the roof, by installing insulation you can greatly reduce the amount of heat lost through your roof.

4. Blankets

One of the easiest ways to stay warm is put an extra blanket or two on your bed instead of heating your home all night.


5. Lock windows and doors

Don’t just close windows and doors, lock them. Doing this ensures they’re fully closed and will help reduce drafts.



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