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Kanohi Ki Te Kanohi, Face to Face

The Kanohi Ki Te Kanohi exhibition at Mahara Gallery in Waikanae closes tomorrow.


The exhibition features photos by well-known Kapiti Coast photographer Bruce MacMillan. From the 50s right through to the 80s, MacMillan took thousands of photos of people, industries, the town and all. His collection has been bought by, and stored by, Kapiti Coast District Libraries.

They are collaborating with Bright Photo Lab, Mahara Gallery and Kapiti Coast resident Ra Higgott in order to show his work at the Mahara Gallery. The exhibition started all the way back in February, and there was an event centered around the photographs in March.


The extensive period of time that MacMillan’s images cover mean that there’s noticeable societal change reflected in the photos. Stretching from the 50s, the post-war years, the years when Kapiti Coast Airport was one of the biggest in the country, to the very different 80s, the differences in society in his images are stark and eye-opening.

The stories of an earlier time are often forgotten about, but MacMillan’s photos tell stories in many different ways. And because of the scope of the time, don’t be surprised if you see someone you recognise in one.


Mahara Gallery is in Mahara Place, Waikanae, and closes at 4pm tomorrow.


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