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Paraparaumu Market Continues Search for New Location

Due to land titles being sold to a development company, the Paraparaumu Beach Saturday Morning Market will need to relocate. Construction in the area shouldn’t begin until next year, as said by a company member, so the market has until later this year to move out. While rumours have been shut down about the market fully closing down, the owners are still searching to find a new location.

The Paraparaumu Beach Saturday Morning Market, currently stationed at 1 Maclean Street, provides the community with a wide variety of goods, including fruits and vegetables, baked goods, bread, meat, clothes and handmade gifts. Around 40-50 stalls are set up each Saturday morning.

The public users of this popular market have identified their wishes for the market to stay located at Paraparaumu Beach. This has been acknowledged by market co-owner Warwick Halcrow. The Paraparaumu-Raumati Community Board are supportive of this request and have asked for the council’s help as the market searches for a new place to set up. As the new market is most likely going to be set up on council property, it is essential for market co-owners to discuss plans with them.

In its current location, the market is always busy, with a buzzing atmosphere every Saturday. The market owners need to ensure the new area is of best fit in order to maintain its popularity. They have looked at moving between Marine Parade and Seaview road, however, this would mean the roads would need to be closed off for the market to operate. As this would influence traffic flows in the area, the market would need to gain support from local businesses to be able to set up there.

Word has it that an area near Paraparaumu airport may be another potential candidate. Petitions have seen their way through a number of locals to find out their thoughts on potential new locations. The change in location could potentially affect businesses’ success at their peak hour.

The much-loved market has been running for over 18 years and is hoped to continue for many more.

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