Air New Zealand Leaving Kapiti

Disappointed but not surprised; Air New Zealand to end all flights out of Kapiti

Just this morning, Air New Zealand has disclosed that they will be discontinuing all flights between the Kapiti Coast and Auckland. The flights will be stopped as of April this year, and being so close to the Kapiti airport open day, where the hopes of expanding the potential of Kapiti airport were very high, it is very disappointing news to hear.


Kapiti airport has been known for its unreliability in past, mainly because of the inability to fill up the majority of the seats in outgoing flights from Kapiti. Customer’s demand for domestic travel, however, has been increasing, as acknowledged in the press release this morning as well.

Air New Zealand Q300

Air New Zealand is currently working on making adjustments to their flight schedules within New Zealand, to be able to meet consumer demand as it continues to grow. Those who have booked flights after the 3rd of April 2018 (the last day where between Auckland and Kapiti that will take place), will need to find alternative travel arrangements. Air New Zealand have stated their gratitude towards those who have supported the airline, in the time it has been operating in Kapiti (since 2011).



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