Paekākāriki Hill Road

Council is proposing lower speeds on 37 roads – Here’s why

Kapiti Coast District Council, working in partnership with New Zealand Transport Authority (NZTA) is proposing to adjust the speed limit on 37 local roads, because of the new expressway.

Another factor is that there are many roads that are marked as dangerous.

The project objective is to be able to establish safer and more efficient roads appropriate to the environment and function of the road, that are credible to road users, minimize harm and are nationally consistent with other New Zealand roads.


None of the 37 roads are having their speed limits increased. Most notably, the roads surrounding the Palm Groves Christian Camp have dropped from 100km/h to just 60.

Council Proposing lower speeds on 37 roads - Here’s why

Other big changes are taking Garden Road down by the Waterfront to 20 from 50, Akatarawa Road 100 down to 60 and Poplar Avenue from 50 down to 40. A full list of all road changes that the council is proposing can be found Here.


Another major change is the volatile Paekākāriki Hill Road, with the limit dropping 10km/h, taking it down to 60.

Council Proposing lower speeds on 37 roads - Here’s why

These changes are still up for debate, with the council pushing out a survey asking for people’s opinions on the modifications. This can be found here.


KCDC is planning another set of road changes in late 2019 through to 2020. These roads are marked as ones that need more planning to go into changing the speed limit



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